Training artists for innovation (TAFI)

A new European program started in Amsterdam

TAFI will review the existing and developing models for training artists and creatives to work in business contexts and the need for intermediary platforms. The results of the analyses performed in the first part of the project will be used to develop a qualification and skills framework for artists working in business. A handbook, based on input from artists, intermediaries and businesses, will describe this framework and several successful training models, list a number of best practice cases illustrating creative interventions and contain cultural policy recommendations for stimulating innovation through the interventions of artists.

While there is considerable evidence for the need of business for the creativity that artists and creatives can deliver, there is a shortage of artists with the necessary expertise and experience. By developing a qualification & skills framework and identifying training models, TAFI will make a substantial contribution to the pool of artists and creatives skilled enough to deliver creative interventions in business effectively. This project shows how the objective of the European Agenda for Culture to promote culture as a catalyst for creativity can be translated into action by putting artists in the position of creative interveners in business.

The project is scheduled to run from May 2011 through to April 2013 and will leverage experience and expertise in this field from various EU countries. TAFI is being led and coordinated by the Dutch foundation Cultuur-Ondernemen in collaboration with project partners from five other European countries: Artlab and Kunstgreb APS from Denmark, Theatre Academy Helsinki (TeaK) from Finland, c2+i from Spain, Skådebanan Västra Götaland AB (TILLT) from Sweden and Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich (BFIOÖ) from Austria. The results will be disseminated through several Dutch and European networks, such as ELIA, IETM, Cultural Action Europe, Encatc and CEREC (Arts&Business network). A final conference in Brussels will attract several policy-making organisations to discuss the recommendations.



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